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Invisible Fence® is a registered trademark of Invisible Fence®,Inc.
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Pet Stop of Middlesex County is an authorized Pet Stop® dealer.
We are not an authorized dealer of Invisible Fence® brand.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Pet Fencing

Q: How big or old must my pet be to be trained?
A: PetStop Hidden Dog Fence of MA recommends that your pet be at least 12 weeks old, but we have no minimum or maximum size limitations. Before your pet has a fence they should be well adjusted to thier home and environment.

Q: Will the correction hurt my pet?
A: This is our most frequently asked question. You have no need to worry about the correction your pet will recieve when they cross the boundary. The correction is safe, harmless and quite humane. Yet it is effective enough to STARTLE the dog away from the boundary line. The "shock" given off by the receiver produces less than a static shock from carpeting. The correction WILL NOT hurt or harm your dog.

Q: My dog is 8 years old, can it be trained?
A: Yes, Hidden Dog Fence of MA has trained many senior pets to our electronic pet fences.

Q: How long will it take to train my dog?
A: Most dogs are trained in about six days. Our Gentle Steps training method drastically reduces the duration of training and is more humane than our competitors methods.

Q: Do you sell Invisible Fence®?
A: No. "invisible fence" may be a generic term to describe a radio-frequency based pet containment system, but Invisible Fence® is also a brand. While we are not authorized dealers of the Invisible Fence® brand system, as independant contractors we can provide service for Invisible Fence® systems, including wire repair and troubleshooting.