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Why Choose Hidden Dog Fence of MA?

Happy pets, happy familiesWith so many different electric pet fences on the market, why make Pet Stop of Middlesex County your choice? The answer is simple:

We have the best products and unbeatable customer support you can count on.

Everyone here at HiddenFence of MA cares about the well-being of your pet and we want you to be satisfied with our services and products.

When you choose Hidden Dog Fence of MA, you get to know us and learn about the product you're purchasing.

Pet Stop® brand dog fences are American-made and manufactured in Morgantown, PA. While it may cost more, this is how we ensure a safe and reliable product without worry of intermittent failures that are often associated with products manufactured overseas. When your pet's health and safety is a factor, why take that risk?

When you choose Hidden Dog Fence of MA you get:

The Best Product Available - All of our pet containment systems and products are made right here in the USA and are backed by our manufacturer!

Installation by Professionals - When we install your fence we do it right. All of our installations are customizable to fit your needs.

We Do More - Unlike other companies that just provide installation and equipment, we teach our customers during the installation and training. We give walkthrough training, follow-up services and troubleshooting. We help our customers become experts with our products!

You Get a Lifetime Warranty - You get a 1 Year Installation Warranty, a 10 year Wire Intergrity Warranty, and a 100% Many Back Lifetime Containment Gaurantee because of our Gentle Steps Training method.

Pet Stop's Quality Guarantee