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Pet Stop Means Quality

Pet Stop Brand Pet Containment Products

Here at Hidden Dog Fence MA we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best products. We want to provide you with superior products and superior customer service. In addition, all outdoor transmitters and receivers, as well as most other Pet Stop® products, are backed by our manufacturers with a full lifetime warranty!

UltraElite Receiver The UltraElite Receiver®
This receiver was designed with your pet's comfort in mind, this receiver collar is the smallest and lightest (only 1.3 oz) on the market. Even though it's small, the UltraElite Receiver is highly customizable and can be easily be fine-tuned to suit the personality and training needs of your pet.

UltraMax ReceiverThe UltraMax Receiver®

The UltraMax was designed for more determined dogs that need a little more persuasion past their initial fence training. The UltraMax Reciever is a bit larger thant the UltraElite, but is just as customizable.

Replacement BatteriesReplacement Batteries
Ranked the highest in durability and performance, these batteries not only last longer, but are also relatively less expensive than competing brand batteries.

Outdoor Transmitter Pet Stop® Outdoor Transmitter

Our Outdoor Transmitter is easy to use and packed full of features to help you monitor your pet containment system. This transmitter is individually encoded so you won't interfere with your neighbor's system and vice versa. An added bonus is its compatibility - not only does it work with our indoor transmitter, it's also compatible with most competitor systems.

Indoor TransmitterPet Stop® Indoor Transmitter

Our pet fences are just not for your yard - they also work indoors! With our indoor transmitter, you can keep parts of your house pet-free. Whether you want to keep your cat off the furniture or your dog away from the kitchen counter, the indoor transmitter is a highly versatile and accurate solution to your indoor pet containment needs.

Programming the Pet Stop series 2 collar
Learn how to troubleshoot our Pet Stop series 2 collar with this helpful video!