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Trade In Your Pet Containment System

Trade-In Specials Here at Hidden Dog Fence of MA we offer a competitors upgrade that is basically unmatched in the electic pet containment industry. Ask us about trading in your Invisible Fence® and other brands of electronic dog containment systems. Hidden Dog Fence of MA also offers pet fence collars and batteries that are compatible with Invisible Fence® and other pet fence competitors.



Replacement Batteries


Our Invisible Fence® replacement batteries meet Invisible Fence® Company specifications, while costing only about half the price! Our batteries work flawlessly with the Invisible Fence® brand of pet containment. In fact, Perimeter Technologies has a patent pending and Invisible Fence® customers now have a great alternative that works with the Invisible Fence® R21 and R51 receiver collars. They will not work on the Invisible Fence® R22 receiver collars.