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Pet Stop® Hidden Dog Fences

Underground wire dog fencing by Pet Stop Hidden Dog Fences: Middlesex county installation training and service

Do you live in Middlesex County Massachusetts and have a pet that wants or needs more exercise?

Or do you own an Invisible Fence® system and are looking for INDEPENDENT SERVICE on your Invisible Fence® product? (We also offer collars compatible with Invisible Fencing®) You have come to the right place -Dave Ralls of Hidden Dog Fence of MA is your local guy!

Between our high grade American made Pet Stop brand dog fences, to our proprietary training method, our clients enjoy a better containment experience. Our products are more rugged, more adjustable (you can adjust the strength of shock, allowing more careful training) and they are installed with long term referrals in mind.

About Pet Stop®

Here at PetStop® Hidden Dog Fence of MA we know how important it is to not only provide our pets with plenty of healthy exercise, but also provide our pets with reliable security. Unsupervised pets can easily wander off and may bother your neighbors, become lost, or get critically injured -- or worse -- by a moving vehicle.
Keep your pets smiling and safe with Pet Stop
With a Pet Stop® Fence, you can let your pet outside without worrying. We install the best American-made pet containment system available on the market. Our services are not limited to just Pet Stop brands either! As independent contracts, we also offer services for other pet containment brands, including -- but not limited to -- Invisible Fence®, PetSafe®, and DogWatch®

If you're a current owner of an Invisible Fence®, we can offer you not only Invisible Fence® compatible reciever collars and batteries, we also offer full trade-ins as well.

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about trading your fence in.

Invisible Fence® Founder

John Purtell
Invisible Fence® Founder
Founder John Purtell is the president of Pet Stop as well as the original founder and president of Invisible Fence® Company. He has since founded Pet Stop, the fastest growing name in the outdoor pet containment industry. John only manufactures and sells American made equipment, assembled right in Pet Stop's hometown in Morganton, Pennsylvania.